Onefluencer NLP Training with Sue Knight Books & Talks

History reminds us that one percent of the population have influence the other ninety nine percent over and over again. Be it the workplace where they excel as business leaders, the family or a social gathering, where they are a source of admiration and inspiration there exist always a small group of them who have been highly influential. These special people who continue making a difference by influencing the majority are called Onefluencer.

Onefluencer are leaders influencing their world by bringing about changes in the way they lead a life of celebrating excellence. Ramesh PrasadI look forward facilitating you becoming a Onefluencer of your own world. And this vision I go about accomplishing, by providing the finest training I am passionate about Neuro-Linguistic Programming also called as NLP.

Namaskar and Swagatham!!! My name is Ramesh Prasad and I am an International Trainer of NLP. With a rich experience of 22 years across Food, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Wellness, Beauty, Banking and Training, my journey into NLP has been transformational. I bring to you the most inspirational NLP training courses from the world's most committed NLP Master Trainer Sue Knight and Colin Spencer who subscribe to the values of openness, truth, integrity, trust, learning, generosity, commitment, fun and love. I have been fortunate to be personally trained groomed and mentored by them. The richness of their teaching and my eagerness to embrace, has made it possible for me to learn as I train in France UK and India. I now live my passion, supporting all who believe in the power of individuals becoming they are capable of being. The core of NLP is modelling excellence and this enables me to learn and share from the best.

I run the following levels of NLP Trainings in select cities across India.

Workshop Dates

NLP Foundation Training
NLP Chennai 10 & 11 May 2014 | NLP Bangalore 21 & 22 June 2014 | NLP Kolkata 03 - 04 May 2014

NLP Advanced Training
NLP Business Practitioner: Chennai 12-17 April | Kolkata 07 - 12 June | Bangalore 13 - 18 September 2014
NLP Trainer Training 03-12 January 2015 | NLP Master Practitioner 05 -14 February 2015

About Sue Knight: An International NLP Master Trainer, Consultant and author of the book NLP at Work Sue works with leaders and companies throughout the world especially France, UK and India. Her work includes and goes beyond NLP in her aim to support all to discover their unsuspected greatness in this chaotic, challenging and turbulent world. She was the first to pioneer the application of NLP in business and hence is popular and recognised worldwide.

As a delegate you have a choice of having your learning experience with me when you join me for the NLP Foundation and NLP Practitioner trainings at Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata and along with Sue Knight when we run the International NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Trainer Training programmes during the month of December, January, February at Cherai beach Kerala. These courses are unique and offer experiential learning at many levels. Inspiring feedback from participants about their life changing experience is increasing the demand and popularity of these courses, like never before. And some more here and here

Being a Trainer member I am supported by ANLP International and my certification are backed by Sue Knight Books and Talks which are recognised internationly.

Sue Knight Ramesh Prasad

I am married to Tulsi now for the last 22 years who loves to take care of me. Her language of love for me is the delicious Indian delights which I fall for. She possesses the gift of love in abundance and devotes her time following the rich cultures and values of traditional India in a way which I am truly blessed.