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ONEFLUENCER are leaders influencing the world by being the change, celebrating life, success, relationship, love, joy and happiness. My outcome is to support you become a Onefluencer of your own world. How I go about accomplishing this vision is, by providing the finest training I am passionate about Neuro-linguistic programme popularly called as NLP.

Namaskar and Swagatham! My name is R Ramesh Prasad and I am an International NLP Trainer & Coach. With an extensive corporate background of 22 years across Food, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Banking and 6 years as an entrepreneur I currently engage leaders, senior organisational executives, community thought leaders as well as everyday people of influence who are changing the worlds in which they live and work, using the versatile tools available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, so that they are masters of modern times.

I have been trained and mentored by SUE KNIGHT who pioneered the application of NLP in Business. Her book NLP AT WORK & NLP AND LEADERSHIP are quite popular across the globe. Together we co-run the Intensive Training programs as well as support upcoming Trainers to provide quality NLP training across India. This special partnership helps me travel, train and support delegates internationally. The core of NLP is modelling excellence and this enables me to learn and share from the best.

At "ONEFLUENCER NLP TRAINING ACADEMY", I bring to you the most inspirational NLP training courses, starting from the Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner, Trainer Training to a Master Class. Each course is unique and offers experiential learning at many levels.

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Chennai 03 & 04 December | Bengaluru 05 & 06 November | Kolkata 19 & 20 November 2016
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Chennai 03 to 08 December | Bengaluru 05 to 10 November | Kolkata 19 to 24 November 2016
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NLP MASTER PRACTITIONER 21 to 28 January 2017
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NLP TRAINER TRAINING 04 to 11 February 2017
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NLP MASTER CLASS 07 to 14 January 2017
Only by Invitation

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The certification program are authorised by Sue Knight and approved by ANLP International UK. So come along, join us to experience a learning that is truly world class.

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Inspiring feedback from participants about their life-changing experience is increasing the demand and popularity of our courses like never before. Check for the online reviews here and a special write up from one of my delegate.

I am married to Tulsi who loves to take care of me. Her love language to me is the delicious Indian delights which I fall for. Tulsi possesses the gift of giving and sharing in abundance and devotes her time following the rich cultures and values of traditional India in a way which I am truly blessed. To know more about us please click here...