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Aishwarya Madanagopalan

I work with people – children below 5 years of age, their parents, sometimes grandparents, colleagues – seniors and subordinates. I primarily signed up for the NLP programme for career advancement. To enhance what I already do quite well. In my field of work, it is important that I am non-judgmental and open to learning. I have been practicing that and wanted to do it better. Accepting people for who they are and recognising their amazing qualities are something I don't want to ever compromise. I wanted to develop this aspect better. I am already in a leadership role where I train and mentor the other associates. I want to do this better and advance into my boss' role. However, these were not concrete objectives when I signed up for my course. I came with no expectations….. I came there for the Experience.

What I achieved was a lot more. The two day programme led me to discover ways of dealing with my personal issues, grudges I might have towards people in my life. When I am so non-judgmental and open minded towards people I work with, why am I not the same way towards my family and friends? I started seeing them with fresh eyes and accepting that they did what they did because they thought that was best at the time. In short, it has made my life more peaceful and richer. I need to deal only with myself. Change can happen only within me – the way I view myself. Once that's in place, nice and secure, no second person can shake it or tell me what I am.

This learning was facilitated by Ramesh. He did not tell me “Aishwarya, this is how you should think”. Instead, he led me to believe in it, because, implementation and execution happens only when I believe in it, not when someone tells me what to do.

The pace of the training that Ramesh set was perfect. The first half of the first day was a bit slow and that pace was required to help me get used to the group and warm up. It was a frank and open session where I could say anything and nothing would be judged. I could ask the silliest of questions and they would be answered! Ramesh also maintained the group dynamics beautifully. Once a level of comfort was achieved, Ramesh took it forward and led us to come up with answers. I loved the way he facilitated the whole flow. (He took on the role of a facilitator and not a chalk and talk teacher)

Yes, I have signed up for the Practitioner course and I am looking forward to the experience. Again, I would like to approach it with an open mind and no expectations at all. The venue was perfect… Peaceful, calm, nature in abundance. Food was clean, filling, and healthy and went well with the nature! I loved the size of the group. It's not too big, not too small. I could interact with everybody and was very comfortable. Ramesh and Tulsi made me feel very comfortable and at home.