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Aravindh. G

Before this NLP Training, I was looking out for feedback/someone that I needed but not sure to pin point as what it is. The only thought that was lingering in my mind always is that, I want to grow as a better person in my professional life. When I think of this programme, I feel happy. I could get what I was looking for. Through this NLP Training, I understood and I am aware that 'All the resources/solutions are within me'. I felt that I am the reason for all the happiness. Also, taking responsibilities has given me an edge over others and helps me perform better. If I decided to be happy, I am happy. As well I have started to have a consistent Inner dialogue, which keeps me motivated, aware and happy always. The place of training was good and I liked it very much. The structure was behind the unstructured flow of the training program. I liked and enjoyed the flow of the training. I found that the training was a little slow and boring at times. Since I am used to a faster pace of learning or working, this sounded different to me. But later, I understood that it was conscious move and the intention was to slow me down and get along with the training. I started to apply the same at my work place (Working in a slow pace), of which I could find peace at ease.