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I came to refresh my knowledge on the basics of NLP and to receive a certificate. I achieved both these objectives with pleasure and satisfaction.

Ramesh, I was very impressed by the way you organized the programme. I found you being much focused all the time. I like the way you brought out the NLP concepts from the process and interactions which you allowed to evolve in the group. I like the way you guided the group dynamics naturally and spontaneously. I experienced this way of learning very creative. After the workshop I am practicing to use clean questions with people and I find it brings a better response from them. I have completed reading your handbook. It’s informative. I have begun browsing the wonderful book by Sue Knight, NLP at Work.

I experienced the venue as peaceful & apt to concentrate on learning and to relax my mind. The open air space was to our advantage. The food was delicious. The quantity of lunch on the first day was too much for me because I am a small eater. I appreciated and enjoyed the home-made snacks which you & Thulasi provided, so lovingly. The timely tea/coffee/juice was refreshing.

Ramesh you are GREAT!!!!! You conducted the programme in a simple, confident & excellent way. I admire the way you showed your keen interest in each one of us while we were interacting. You were constantly inviting the group to participate and this kept us involved in the process. The way you shared your knowledge was clear. Your body language was excellent and self-descriptive. I appreciate your good memory, calm composure & positive attitude throughout the two days. In addition, a special thanks to Thulasi for her support. She displayed a wonderful way of contributing & supporting you during those two days. I believe she is a very thoughtful person. Ramesh, a big thanks to you and I am honoured that I met a lovely person like you.