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Rahul Vitekar

“What happens when NLP as a product is sold and even bought by people for superficial reasons that stray away from the real power & enlightened purpose of this product? What if the product does not mean having some bag of tricks, but actually means being a specific, purposeful & focused individual?  Does one still sell for superficial reasons to rake in profit by the numbers?

Most will. A few discerning individuals like Ramesh will choose the simple and difficult path of straight-talk…they are winners in the long run. This is so because those who pursue NLP as a state of being are truly content clients who will refer & recommend people whose wellbeing matters to them. A virtuous web of well-meaning well-wishers & friends who create win-win situations is built over the years!  

The NLP Foundation workshop that Ramesh conducted was simple, deliberative and fun!  
To explore our inner selves in the company of strangers and feel safe & relaxed is not an easy thing to accomplish. Ramesh makes it easy because he makes us feel that he is just one among us, just a more experienced student of NLP! He leaves no stone unturned in creating a safe & secure environment for learning. He is earnest, humble, self-effacing. And just when all seems cosy he comes up with challenging mind-food that positively rattles the path of our discussion applecart!  

I am glad I waited for an authentic exponent like Ramesh to introduce me to NLP. He is committed to revealing the beauty of NLP to the world and this commitment & promise is palpable throughout his workshop."