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Shanker Viswanath


I came to attend the NLP Foundation Course held at Navi Mumbai Sports Association on 12 th and 13 th July 2014 with an open mind and no specific expectations. I was ready to accept anything new that I would come across and that would help me grow and develop as an individual first and then as a professional trainer. The sessions, spread over the 2 day program, helped me on both the fronts. They gave me a lot of insights about myself and helped me to get an understanding of my thinking patterns. The experience was very enlightening for me personally. The sessions also made me think, challenge and confirm the beliefs I am currently imbibing. Since NLP is the study of “Subjective Experience”, putting myself in the position of the “Subject”, gave me a lot of experiences during the sessions and post them as well and constantly took me into a “Reflective Mode”. And, as I reflected on the experiences, a lot of clarity emerged, which indeed was very refreshing and amusing for me personally. The sessions also helped me to “Plan Ahead” on what I intend to implement, both at a personal and professional level.

Tell me as much as you can about what you thought of the programme and your experience of learning... I thought the first session on Day 1 began on a slow note, however, later I realized that it was absolutely necessary for understanding the Concept of “Filters in Thinking and Communication” to seep in. Personally, it was a pleasure to be with a “Group” that was so vibrant and participative, though a few of them took time to open up (understandably so). I really liked the way all the participants, who introduced themselves and shared their experiences during the introductory and other sessions, did so without any inhibitions. That showed the seriousness with which they approached the program and later it also helped each other a lot in the learning process. Personally, I think it was a brilliant example of “Collective Learning” . And if I were to use a training terminology to describe the whole approach spread over the 2 days, it was a classic example of “Accelerated Learning”. The interest level kept increasing as the sessions progressed and the end was also extremely warm and pleasing with every participant giving feedback to each other.

A distinct feature of the course that I liked and enjoyed most was the absence of an agenda. So, whatever we did became the Agenda. It went with the flow. Though, personally I am sure, as the facilitator, Ramesh would have had a structure and a plan in his mind, he never gave the participants that impression or feeling. I think that turned the whole approach into one which had “ A Great Combination of Structure and Spontaneity” . The hand-outs were also introduced and given to us at an appropriate time which in turn ensured that the focus remained on the most important aspects of the programme. Though, there were Tea / Coffee / Lunch breaks in between, personally I did not feel the like taking a break. For me, while the “Filters in Thinking and Communication” were like starters, “David Grove's Clean Language” “Eye Accessing Cues” and “Beliefs of Excellence” were the Main Course and the Feedback Session towards the end was the “Dessert”.

Also, reflection on the Belief of Excellence “We have within us all the resources we ever need” struck a fantastic chord within me and is making my belief stronger that the decision that I have taken to move away from the field of Chartered Accountancy to take up “Training” as a full-time career is indeed the right one. Though, all of us were given Certificates at the end of the programme, for me personally, the biggest Certificate I got was from Ramesh was when he mentioned “Shanker, I see that you are a very quick learner and that's an excellent quality you have”.

The presence of Sajimol also helped a lot. She used to come up with some wonderful comments about the learners through her power of observation and which helped in taking the discussion and the session forward in a wonderful way.

The venue of training and food...The venue was as apt for the occasion as was described by Ramesh in his welcome letter. While we could not go outdoor and enjoy certain activities which Ramesh kept mentioning during the course due to the intermittent rains, the room, where the 2 day program was held, reminded me of the Room where the Relics of Sri Aurobondo and The Mother are kept for Darshan at the Sri Aurobindo Centre at Churchgate, Mumbai. There was a Serenity about the room with its white marble flooring, simple setting, lack of electronic gadgets like a projector / Laptop as well as a Power point Presentation added further to the ambience. It gave me the feeling attending a Spiritual Study Circle, which my Dad used to conduct at our house in Borivali, which was also a “Sri Aurobindo Centre” in Mumbai.

The food served during the lunch break was very tasty and did not induce the feeling of “Heaviness” even after eating it. The variety was also good. The service at the restaurant could have been better, however, no complaints, as even that looked like flowing with the pace at which the program itself was being conducted. A big thank you to you and Sajimol for making the wonderful arrangements.

What did you think of the way that Ramesh ran the programme? To say that Ramesh ran the programme fantastically would be just an Understatement. What I admire about Ramesh is his “Patience”, “Ability to Observe” and the “Genuineness” with which he spoke and showed interest in all the participants. He took time for all and allowed each one us to seep into the programme at our own pace rather than forcing it. He also had one-on-one discussions with a few participants who wanted to have one and I am sure it would benefit them immensely. Personally, I had the privilege of his company on my way back after the progranmme as he kindly allowed me to drop him back to the airport. This allowed me to get to know a bit of Ramesh's personal side.

How might you like to take your learning's forward? Are you interested in taking up your learning further to the level of NLP Practitioner? As far as applying the learning's are concerned, I have already started doing so. My Wife, Bhavani and my Daughter, Sakhi are my first students to whom I download everything I learn. And my wife appreciated it a lot when we went through a couple of sessions where I explained to her the “Filters in Thinking and Communication and Beliefs of Excellence” and made her experience the processes, it was like a revelation to her she said.

As far as taking the learning further to the level of NLP Practitioner is concerned, there is a beautiful Talk on a subject titled IAM (Intention, Attention & Manifestation) by Sri Sri Ravi Shanker. Taking a cue from it, I am saying that I have the “Intention”, I shall put my “Attention” towards it and leave the “Manifestation” part at the lotus feet of the Divine Mother.

And if so…when you like to do your learning's? I have already started applying my learnings on a day-to-day basis and shall continue to do so in all my forth-coming training sessions and shall pass it on to the learners in line with the Motto of my Firm – “Encourage to Learn | Empower to Perform| Enable to Succeed”.

Where can… I put my attention for the future? I am looking forward to working together with Ramesh in future on training programs, be it NLP or otherwise and it would be my proud privilege and honor to have you as my Coach / Mentor / Teacher to guide me at every stage of my journey.

Anything else that you think might be useful? One day, I do hope to be able to meet your better half, Tulasi, about whom you have told us so passionately and fondly during the 2 day session. I shall pray to the Divine that you continue to touch and change people's lives like the way you are doing.

May the Divine Grace be with you both always and bless you with Good Health, Happiness, Wealth and Peace and may all your Innermost Aspirations Come true!

Thanks for everything!

With respects and kind regards,