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Sundeep Sondhi

My objective was to have a more fulfilled life and make a positive difference to other people's lives post attending the workshop. A fulfilled life has many aspects to it which contribute and complete it. I would say the journey has started by making a difference to my family and then taking it outside. It's one day at a time and need some work every day to move towards the objective. NLP foundation has helped me to reflect at my conduct and behavior which has helped me in responding better to various situations than reacting to them. Also it has developed a sense of accepting … myself … as I am and living with the present and enjoying.

The program had limited participants which helped to pay enough attention to each participant's needs. The program was rightly paced which helped to absorb the learning without the hurry of moving from one activity to the other. I feel learning NLP is only through experience and living your life fully and successfully by implementing what one has learnt. I was able to apply the modeling exercise and understanding different types of individuals based on their learning styles in my environment. Look forward to a deeper understanding of filters and application of the same. Overall the program added value to my everyday conduct and developing a deeper understanding of others. The centrally located venue in Kolkata was perfect and the food delicious.

Ramesh ran the program at a leisurely pace which was required as I felt and understood later. Ramesh has a way of understanding different people and getting them to come out with their innermost thoughts and conflicts. I look forward to taking my next step in learning.