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Sunita Sagar

My objectives when I came to the NLP Foundation course were clarity in thoughts and to communicate more effectively. I have begun to use the thoughts that were discussed during NLP and am hoping that I will achieve my objectives. Neuro Linguistic Programming is a refined way of my current life. The programme allowed me to go to the basics of living, which is rightful thinking. It also emphasized on the fact that it is not only thinking but communicating the thoughts effectively which is a critical part of life. It doesn't stop there; it also bought clarity on communicating my thoughts in a way that others understand is highly important if I need to co-exist :-) and more importantly communicating effectively to myself, if I need to Exist :-)

The way that Ramesh ran the programme was awesome: Fantastic Stupendous WOW.…Ramesh in his own composed way gave out a lot of life secrets through NLP which will help me rebuild my thoughts. Ramesh and not to forget the prettiest Thulasi ma'am took care of me very well as I had travelled from a different city. Ramesh & Tulsi ma'am didn't appear to be trainers at all, to me; they appeared to be someone whom I had met at least a zillion times but now in a new place.

I would like to continue the journey of NLP and intend to reach till the NLP Trainers Program. I require your help in taking my NLP journey forward. Your Guidance whenever I bug you :-)