Alumni Meet - Inspire Days

Come, let's celebrate..

When: 12th October 2019 | Where: Green Meadows Resort Chennai 

Well, the name says it all.  A chance for all those who have been trained by me to catch up, and to listen to inspiring stories of the many who stopped by to learn NLP, embrace change, and thereby re-strategise their life. To celebrate this very special day, I have invited some of our own delegates who now, are exemplars in what they do. So come, listen to them share,how they took one step at a time, thereby making a difference in the way they are now living life. This one is going to be a special and you do want to be here. So just come along, let's celebrate...

So who is Speaking?

For a long time, I found it easy to say "no" and I invariably had a logical reason for my refusals. "And what was wrong with that?" you might ask (especially if it is one of your patterns too). The answer was very different, when I discovered the power of "YES"

Along my journey of NLP, I had the privilege of been coached by Sue and Gene Early. Coached by them to say "YES" truly. And when I chose to accept that congruently, life has never been the same. 

The rewards have been abundant. It's as if the skies opened to shower me with what it had. I revisited those times when I had truly said Yes - to following my Dad's footsteps as a Brahmin, to be partnering with Sue. More importantly I learnt to say "YES" to my wife Tulsi. And that was a tipping point. Our life changed!!!!

Now I surprise myself by saying "YES" to the little things in life as well. 

How about you? Do you say YES congruently? Would you like to know if you do? And if so, I wonder what life changes await you? 

Come, join me if you are someone wanting to find the magic of saying "YES to life" Maybe, get inspired as I share my story. Magic happens and continues to happen for me and that is my wish for you.. See you there!

For a long time in my life, I have been living in a box. A box just right to fit me in with enough space for me to stay still inside. And I was experiencing the world outside through a small hole in the box. Well, I believed and accepted that I was meant to be living this way, and this is what I deserve. Interestingly as I was growing up I realised I have some choices, so I made a few more holes in the box to see the view of the world and boy I loved it. The world looked different and huge. And in some time I started playing with these holes by creating multiple holes wherever I liked it, now I was moving inside the box to get a 360-degree view of the world- gosh I was excited, so excited that I slowly started dancing inside the box. The quest to change and craft my own experience of the world grew stronger inside me, so I began experimenting with my understanding of the world and continuously started playing in the way I was doing what I was doing.

The scientist in me discovered one day that I had a choice to break out of the box, boy that scared the hell out of me. Now there was no protection, is what I thought. The scientist in me grew so strong that the urge to break was tremendous, and finally, I did break the box. Life has never been the same after that day - now interestingly I had a different set of challenges to face. I got to see all parts of me clearly, and now I couldn't avoid it. Well, I did try accepting a few pieces and began ignoring few and even disowning few. You carry yourself everywhere you go, which I didn't quite realise then ;), so the scary parts of me came along with me all the time. To the outside world, I beautiful wailed those scary parts with my skills of deception, and I was very successful in doing so (at least I thought so:) ). What I couldn't do is deceive self. My sense of self was growing so strong that battles were erupting inside me, and I was busy fighting a war with the outside world about my perception. I wasn't sure who was winning, but surely, I was losing.

Today there are still armed warriors inside me ready to explode- the difference is now I have learned to make peace with them. I have learned to rejoice their commitment to serve me all the time. I have learned to respect all parts of me - I am one now... one with this universe. Join me at the alumni to explore your deepest truth and how can you embrace it to experience the magic.

The first thing anyone asks me now a days is.. " did you manage to loose so much of weight? Can you share the secret? This question triggers my thoughts and as I look back. And when I come back to the present, I find myself smiling and sighing a relief. Is it physical weight alone which I have shed in these years? All that I have let go off are lying calm silence. I have neither regrets nor pain...I am neither considering this as success nor failure...I am happy I have accepted...Accepted life as it comes in the full sense.

If I ever write my story, there would be two parts...BNLP and ANLP. Malinee, Before NLP and After. Yes, NLP is transforming... especially when your coach is Ramesh Prasad. So much has happened in our lives in the last 6-7 years...I am thankful to the Divine grace for guiding me into this at the right time when I needed this the most. I am highly indebted to my teachers from whom I took a lot of learnings. The biggest, I consider, is the ability to learn to let go. I am wondering how this has happened with me. I am a very influential person in forcefully implanting my thoughts, decisions and sentiments into someone else's mind...I always thought I am right and proved it too. Even my love for the family should have left them suffer breathlessness. Only I am capable of doing these to my family, husband and children was my strong thought.

I am blessed with a caring husband and such loving children that they withstood all that I showered on them in the name of love. In my NLP journey, I understood that there is something called magic of congruency in thoughts, words and actions... And the same hit me so hard when I started thinking about myself. Beyond the feeling of helplessness, guilt and shame, I realised I was chiselling myself to become a New Lovable Person, NLP. To me, NLP has been a pure inner journey and I am very glad I have found the purpose of my life. Chaitanyam, my exclusive pregnancy care program and Rebelle pads, my cloth sanitary napkins business are the visible outcomes which I offer to the women community. Both my training and my business gives me satisfaction and I am happy I am contributing back something valuable to the society. The personal transformation I have experienced with my NLP learnings are magical, deep and meaningful. I am looking forward to sharing few of my thoughts with you all at the Onefluencer Alumni.

"Never lose hope, my heart, miracles dwell in the invisible." ~ Rumi

Firm believer of miracle in everything, I am quite passionate and curious about experiential learning. Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming and practitioner program from Onefluencer has been a life changer for me... in what way?

  • - It reintroduced and connected myself to me, a beautiful relationship I can ever have!
  • - And that opened many beautiful doors for me in the form of drawing, writing and training.
  • - It gave me a spark of connecting Artificial Intelligence with Psychological Traits through NLP (the highest viewed article in DZone).

Life has never been the same from the time I embraced NLP or rather NLP embraced me. It's a tale of turning an ordinary life to miracle and I invite you to join me in the journey...

I felt like a ladies finger (Okra) slimy who is incapable of moving ahead.

The yearning to move ahead was there, but did’nt know how and where?

Only when I jumped into the hot frying pan, did I realize, the importance of being fried. The fire, the pan, and the oil made me lose the sliminess, and here I am creating stories. This combination has ignited the fire within, in creating yummy food

This “Inspire Day” to hear how NLP added the flavour, in building my little kingdom of stories.


Love is a wonderful feeling. Is love restricted to age? Nobody talks of love once we step into the middle age. Seduction is long forgotten art. And men and women live it in their heads what they should be enjoying in their being.

The needs of a man and woman are entirely different. Once they understand each other's love language and are willing to explore; they can create and recreate the magic.

The invitation is for you to find your other self that is going to allow you to experience love in your gut than just in your head, to feel butterflies in your stomach, dizziness of the soulful connect and the electrifying touch.

I combine it with a prayer that you find your heart's desire.

With Love, Julie Basilica

Recently, at almost 55 years of age, I had to wear for 2 weeks a specific brace in order to de-program a bruxism pattern that used my teeth prematurely. I had to wear this device every night and possibly during the day as well, whenever possible. Before falling asleep, I went further by accompanying this protocol with a short prayer to my sub-conscious mind to transform this (bad) habit into a new skill. As a side-effect, due to the specific position of the brace, bringing a constant smooth pressure on my palate, I experienced unexpected dreams and insights, that had (apparently) nothing to do with my initial goal.

Re-programming one's patterns is possible at any age, because of the plasticity of the brain. It may require from 1 day till 6 months, depending on the depth of the pattern and the time in one's life when it had been implemented. For instance OCD, sleeplessness or addictions may be transformed within 1 day, whereas learning a new language will require a few months, depending on the techniques applied. Perseverance and determination are required, as well, to establish a concrete connexion with the subconscious mind, in which the patterns are settled as programs. Since the mother tongue of the subconscious mind is 'symbolism', be ensured that he will appreciate a lot your intuitions that will accompany your protocol, such as intention (prayer, mantras, strong commitment), joy and happiness to change, as well as physical anchors. All these tools are part of NLP, and I will be grateful to share them with you.

All my years before NLP, I had lived a life of what other think of me. When I said or did a certain thing, what my parents thought of me? How would my wife feel? What would my friends and colleagues say to me? So, for long, I lived the life what other wished for. I always had large dreams in life on what and how I would want to look like and feel like. None of my dreams were coming any closer to reality as my focus was on others.

My journey in NLP was the beginning of change in how I began thinking of how I was thinking. The journey that I took help me transform, and I began to experience the life THAT I wanted to live and experience what I had loved to live.

I know that out there so many people who are like me. And wanting to change. The THAT I wanted was a multi-dimensional:

  •  Journey Within - Spiritual
  •  Family Life - Samsara
  •  Social Acceptance - Live with It, Not in It

NLP has been beautifully helping me navigating across all dimensions of life, form THAT life to THIS life.

Come listen to my story where I am living the life as a top-class corporate employee, how by been this way, my wife went on to become a successful entrepreneur. And the impact of all that on my larger family. All that stemmed from this place called NLP.

This is the story of a young man who begins his career as a mainframe support engineer. In little over two decades he heads an IT Business Operations at their Singapore Corporate Head Quarters. This man is at the helm of his career enjoying all such benefits which accompany a global career in information technology in a developed nation.

Then a day of realization dawns on him. He is successful. But he is not fulfilled. Thus, begins a new journey of self-enquiry. He is curious to find out what is it that can make him successful & also fulfilled at the same time. How can he find it? How to align his purpose with his new career? Is it feasible? How? Is it worth the risk to switch possibly to a newfound career at his late 40s? How would he cope with it? Could he actually find out what he must do? And how he must go about? Where and how did he create THE SHIFT? How his real story is compelling enough to take some learning from it?

Do you identify yourself here... Come listen to my story how I found answer to those questions? My story is worth listening. See you in person at the Alumni-Inspire day.

After performing over 500 street plays and training over 5000 students in various skills, I realized the power of art and the need for knowledge among people. I strongly believe that when villages and communities can change through theatre, individuals can transform into the best version of themselves. But to reach out to the masses and to create an impact, I needed the right tools. Rather, a language that knows, no boundaries, gender, age, race or economic status. A language so powerful that it can heal many just by using it. I needed tools that could empower and transform.

And that is when I came across NLP. I did the NLP business practitioner course as a 21-year-old who was lost, and had huge dreams but no direction. NLP opened new windows in my mind, giving me newer perspectives each time and the right facilities to add value to my purpose of impacting lives.

My talk is an amalgamation of 3 anecdotes, each embodying learnings, that changed my whole perspective of life, leaving me with 3 very valuable learnings. Join me as we relive these stories filled with music and folk beats.

Abishek Iyappan

As I an Agile Coach working for a Corporate, during my NLP Training, I became aware that many models of NLP that can be applied in the space of Agile Coaching and Training. It will be a pleasure sharing how much I continue to benefit. The first Agile value is Individuals and Interactions. An important skill with Agile Coaching is to understand how human behaviour works and then look for how teams are embracing change and working collaboratively to bring out the Business Value. The following were some significant changes that I came across in my team.

1. Change in mindset. Team denies everything in the first instance but now started thinking from the requestor mindset.

2. Change in Patterns - Generally teams tend to push things to others court but now thinking to taking accountability and ownership.

3. Filters - Presupposition level has decreased, and teams tend to listen to others before deciding anything.

Tools Used: Language patterns, Clean question and Perceptual thinking.

Result: Noticed a shift in their Behaviours which resulted change in their habits and they embraced changes happily. Now the debates are reduced, and teams discuss together to bring out the Customer/Business value.

So come to my session to listen how you can use this skill in your workplace


My Yoga master said, relax as he kept asking me to stretch while doing the various asanas. As I told myself “relax”, like magic the body stretched further, and I realized the power of a simple word “Relax”.

Coming to an NLP session by Ramesh was like the world of word and the impact it has on me. He saw an elephant in me that was not budging from its place. As I explored the world of language and meta states, I started to play with this elephant and further when I explored with Sue, it started to dance.

I would like to share with you all beautiful souls, the power of the elephant within me and the transformation that I have seen in this journey. The potential that we have deep within is much more than what we live with.

Come and see the elephant in me dance as we have fun exploring a path of umpteen potential.

Regards, Sidhartha Satpathy

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