NLP Training & Coaching for Personal & Business Excellence

Namaskar and Swagatham! My name is R RAMESH PRASAD and I am an International NLP Master Trainer & Coach recognised by ANLP International CIC. I engage with people who are changing the world in which they live and work, using the versatile tools available through Neuro-Linguistic Programming so that they are Master of modern times. My work takes me to different parts of India, Sri Lanka, France, The UK and South Africa.

I have been trained and mentored by Sue Knight who pioneered the application of NLP in Business. I have also been trained in "Generative Coaching" by Robert Dilts, foremost developer and practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Programming and Dr Stephen Gilligan, the developer of Generative Change and Creative Mind. Gene Early is another teacher of mine who works with senior leaders across the globe. He co-founded Europe's first NLP training institute in London. The core of NLP is modelling excellence and this enables me to learn and share from the best. 

At ONEFLUENCER, I bring to you the most inspirational NLP training & coaching courses. And I run all levels of training, from the Foundation, Practitioner, Master Practitioner to Trainer Training. Each course is unique and offers experiential learning at many levels.

The programs are certified by "Sue Knight Books & Talks" and completion of the course is accepted for membership by "The Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming" (ANLP International CIC) , UK's foremost NLP advisory body for NLP Professionals. So, come along, join us to experience a learning that is truly world class.

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Inspiring feedback from participants about their life-changing experience is increasing the demand and popularity of our courses like never before. Check for the online reviews here and a special write up from one of my delegate.

I am married to Tulsi who loves to supports me in all possible ways. She holds the gift of giving and sharing in abundance and devotes her time following the rich cultures and values of traditional India in a way which I am truly blessed.