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NLP Trainer Training


If this is something you would like to do, in our opinion it is one of the best ways to make a difference. So you may be a trainer but equally you may be a leader, a consultant, a parent, a facilitator, a manager, a coach, a friend, we will support you to work to your full potential and in so doing support others to do the same.

This course is designed for those who wish to present, speak and run training courses professionally. This course is taught in the context of teaching NLP and is therefore only open to Master Practitioners of NLP. If you have not produced a modelling project on any previous NLP training that you have done then you will be expected to do this as well. When you demonstrate that you are training to this standard throughout the programme and subsequently you will receive NLP Trainer certification. This will allow you to certify others as a Practitioner and Master Practitioner authorised by "Sue Knight Books & Talks" and "Onefluencer NLP Training & Coaching".

So what outcomes will you achieve as you become an NLP Trainer... 
At a minimum, you will discover how to be fully yourself in the company of others. In addition to this you will discover how to:

Program Date: 06 to 13 February 2021 @ and in the company of Sue Knight
Venue: Renai Blue Waters, Cherai Beach, Kochi, Kerala.
Trainer: Ramesh Prasad & Sue Knight 
Course FeeINR 100,000 per person plus taxes (includes support, certification, and lunch) A deposit of 12,000 secures your seat at this price and there is nothing to pay until February 2021 
Type: Non-Residential (we will guide you with the choice of accommodation available near the venue of the training based on your budget)

Duration: Your learning actually goes beyond the dates mentioned. Remember you are stepping into a unique space of learning. So be prepared for this intensive phase of your learning. Expect a lot of hand holding and support here. We expect you to complete your training by assisting on a supervised open NLP programme subsequently. This assisting is part of the training process where the assistants receive coaching for their role. We generally find world class NLP Trainers take about 6 months to complete this phase of learning.

About this event: This training is special as you get trained by the Master herself, SUE KNIGHT who pioneered the application of NLP in business. Sue has been teaching NLP for the last three decades. Her best selling book NLP AT WORK & NLP AND LEADERSHIP are quite popular and read by 100,000 thousand across the world. That is one key reason that we attract delegates from UK, Europe, Middle East and Asia. So the benefit being, you truly get to experience a world class training in India.

Who is the course certified by? Sue Knight is a legend as she was the first to pioneer the application of NLP in business and work. So that makes her programs unique and a brand in her own way. Hence, a NLP Trainer certification signed personally by her is richly valuable and recognised worldwide. This allow you to certify others as Practitioners and Master Practitioners.

Pre-Course Work 
On booking your seat, you will be sent information so as to start your preparation in the direction of what is expected of you as a trainer, as well as, ready to present any NLP based topic. So reading as much as possible from whatever source is highly recommended.

The Process of Registration: Fill in the booking form expressing your interest. 

Note: We generally have a diversity of delegates comprising of non-Indians, which we find is world-class and this is one major benefit you get as you join us for this course.

I will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. Drop a note to